Martial Arts

Mission Statement

“At Legacy Martial Arts, we embrace the daily pursuit of perfection in martial arts, recognizing its unattainability with humility. We prioritize the journey over the destination, fostering growth in self-esteem, self-defense skills, confidence, proper technique, and efficiency. Established in 2022, our mission is to extend our philosophy of time efficiency to the community, guiding participants to harmonize mind, body, and soul through martial arts practice.”

Class Offerings

Martial Arts
At Legacy Martial Arts participants will learn and/or improve: self esteem, self defense, confidence, proper technique, and efficiency. (Still need class length and what new participants should bring to class).

$120 / Month

Jabs & Abs
Jabs & Abs is a technical heavy bag program suitable for all ages and levels. It’s the key to martial arts success and peak fitness. With 11-13 minutes warm-up, 2-4 minutes stretch, 8 bag rounds with 1-minute rest (30 mins), and a 13-minute core session, it’s the ultimate hour of efficiency. This class addresses cardio and strength simultaneously for the best shape of your life. 

$99 / Month

Daily Drop-In – $20
10 Drop-Ins for $140 (Must pay upfront)

Private Lessons
30 min – $40
60 min – $70

Other offerings: Contact John for more information.

    • Sparring: 1 day a week (not a requirement)
    •  Brighton High school Boxing Club-3 days a week for 12 weeks to achieve Varsity Letter. Year Round including Summer
    • Competitions/Fights are available for those who are dedicated and disciplined. Professional and Amateur

Class Schedule

Monday – Thursday Offerings:
6am Jabs & Abs Kickboxing Conditioning
6pm Martial Arts

Friday Offerings:
6am Jabs & Abs Kickboxing Conditioning

Saturday Offerings:
9am Martial Arts

Sunday Offerings:
9am Jabs & Abs Kickboxing Conditioning

About John Chalbeck

A Key West native and father of four, boasts a remarkable 15-1 record as a Professional Prize Fighter across boxing, MMA, and Bareknuckle Fighting Championship. While at University of Michigan, he coached and won a national championship in 2014. Founder of Brighton High School Boxing Club, he pioneered varsity letters for boxing in Michigan. Now, as COO of Professional Prizefighting at Soundboard/Motor City Casino, he continues to shape the sport’s landscape.