Training & Camps

Soccer Skills Academy

The Skills Academy is both an early introduction to our Legends FC soccer program, as well as an opportunity for current Legends FC club players to get additional touches.  See below for details:

  • We use game based teaching environments to introduce the mental, technical, tactical and physical pillars of the game of soccer; which will involve dribbling, passing, shooting, balance, change of direction; movement without the ball, decision making, teamwork and scoring.
  • Players will be encouraged to take risks with the ball and be active off the ball.
  • Players will learn to chase back to defend and to get forward to score.
  • Our program is designed to create fun, challenging environments to learn how to solve problems.

Legends FC Futsal Training

Futsal is one of the best ways to develop individual technical skills, speed of play and decision-making. Our Winter Futsal program will raise the players’ technical abilities while creating a high level of confidence on the ball. The players will have an opportunity to play in two Futsal Tournaments and train together four times before each event. Teams will be created based on the number of participants in each age group. Boys and Girls teams will be combined if needed to create a team. Practices will be led by Legends FC staff coaches and held in the Legacy Center Basketball Arena.

2014/2015 Boys | 5:30p – 6:30p | Fridays
2014/2015 Girls | 5:30p – 6:30p | Fridays

2012/2013 Boys | 6:30p – 7:30p | Fridays
2011/2012/2013 Girls | 6:30p – 7:30p | Fridays

Achieve Training

  • Achieve Training is designed to offer our most dedicated, ambitious players the training environment that will push an inspire the maximum individual gains.
  • Focusing on technical ball mastery, improving overall ability, and having confidence to go at players 1v1 with a wide range of moves and skills to master.
  • Small group training for current Legends FC, Lyon FC, and Thunder FC players born 2015-2007.
  • Speed & agility training

“Achieve training has helped my daughter gain confidence in her abilities. She has learned better control of the ball and strength in her shots. She leaves training not wanting it to end and can’t wait to come back. She loves coach Garza, he takes the time to explain things so the player understands.” – Parent of a 2014 Girls Player

“Coach Garza has instilled confidence in my daughters’ technical skills. His dynamic techniques inspire creativity in a challenging yet fun environment.  Two sessions in and Molly’s foot skills are more explosive and under control.  We are excited to watch our daughter grow with legacy and Achieve her goals.” – Parent of a 2014 Player

“I feel achieve training has helped my daughter in a short time frame on her all-around skills. Coach Garza runs a fun, fast, non-stop session that any player looking to get better will enjoy and see immediate results from.” – Parent of a 2015 Girl

Legends FC Summer Camp

  • Camp Staff will introduce and teach individual technical skills in an environment that encourages risk taking. Each day will feature a topic-based session to improve in one area. All sessions will encourage players to dribble out of pressure moments and be willing to beat players 1 vs 1. Exercises will be administered that require choice making. Small-sided games will be played at the end of each session.
  • Campers have the option to stay after for Legends FC camp each day and participate in the afternoon portion of the Legends Summer Camp program must select the afternoon camp add-on option.
  • Offered for players aged 6-12.
  • Camp runs June 24-27, July 8-11, and July 15-18.

Goal Keeper Training

Extra, small group goalkeeper training sessions capped at 8 players/hour.  More focused and position specific training with dedicated goalkeeper coaches, who are able to focus more on the individual player in the small group setting.  Legends FC players get a discount, they should contact Ryan Carriere for the discount code.