Indoor Hockey is played on hard floors with varying rules from outdoor field hockey. The game is structured similarly and is a lot of fun. For all indoor programs an indoor stick, left-hand glove, and sneakers are required. This program allows individuals to register for our House Teams, or players can organize themselves into a team with a manager and register through their manager. To be guaranteed specific teammates you must register as a team, and each member must be registered on the team, not as an individual. A coach is provided for House Teams only. If you are new to indoor hockey please email us with any questions you have.


Indoor Field Hockey | 12-19U:
We are excited to get back on the courts for indoor hockey this winter! Games are 45 minutes long. Each team is guaranteed 5 games and a practice session. Individual players will be placed on the House Team and provided a coach from Legacy. To register as a team, a team manager must organize the team and players will register through their manager. Indoor field hockey sticks and gloves are required to play.


Adult Indoor League:
Indoor Field Hockey is back! Games will be 45 minutes long. *note- we are going to make drop-in registration available but are still getting the link built. When it is live I will send it over to add. Team assignments and game schedules will be provided. Indoor sticks are required to play.