Personal Training in a Group Fitness Atmosphere

Legacy FIT: It’s like having your own personal trainer without the high cost.

  • Functional Strength Training Program
  • Periodized programming designed to increase muscle, burn fat, gain confidence, learn proper form, and become your strongest self.
  • 60-minute workout. 
  • Offered Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 6-10:00 am

Training Camp: Train for life!

  • Strength, cardio and hybrid classes 
  • Programming consists of various formats and timing to help you move efficiently through the workout. 
  • Class timing and format is different each day of the week for 6-week phases.
  • 45-50 minute classes.
  • Fun, fast and fierce workouts!
  • Offered daily, including Sundays.

Senior Functional Training: Age Well

  • 50 minute classes (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)
  • Ages 65+
  • Strength training for movements in daily life
  • Improves mobility, stability and flexibility

Legacy Spinning: emPOWER your body and mind through cardio

  • 50-60 minute classes
  • 3-5 minute warm up followed by 40 minutes of power, resistance and RPM cueing 
  • Instructor will guide you by referring to your bike monitor for speed and resistance
  • Fun, loud music to keep you energized and engaged

WERQ: wildly addictive cardio!

  • 60 minute dance fitness class
  • cardio dance workout built on zero judgment and good vibes only
  • based on the hottest pop and hip-hop music
  • all dance and fitness abilities are welcome 
  • adults only as some of the songs are explicit

Throw Down (™) at Legacy: Life is a party; let’s dance!

  • 60 minutes of high-intensity cardio hip-hop fitness
  • blend of high and low impact dance routines 
  • all fitness and skill levels
  • combines cardiovascular exercise, agility, and memory retention

Legacy Yoga: Center Yourself

  • 50-60 minute classes
  • combines heat, movement, and mindfulness 
  • vinyasa style format with holding poses, breathwork, and flowing through postures that build upon each other
  • Bring water, towel and mat