Volleyball Associations

We will send information about when to sign up for AAU and USAV. You will not be able to sign up for a new season of AAU or USAV until closer to October.

AAU Membership

  1. In the “sport” drop down, select “Volleyball”
  2. Under “coverage” select “extended”
  3. Under Term, select “Current Membership Year- EXPIRES ON 8/31/2024 – $22.00
  4. Next you will be asked “Are you a member of a club”, please select “Yes”- Here you can enter zip code: 48118 and select “L2 Volleyball Club – W379YE” or you can enter Club Code:W379YE**You MUST select L2 Volleyball Club in this section or your Membership will not assign you to our club and you will not be able to be added to team rosters**
  5.  Last, fill out the information of the athlete (Name, Gender, DOB, Etc.), and read/accept the terms and conditions before signing and processing your membership.

USAV Membership

USAV Membership Registration is only necessary for National teams.
The link below will assign you directly to “L2 Volleyball Club”. Select “get stated” to complete your player membership. When checking out make sure you have selected both 23-24 Lakeshore Junior Player- $20 and 23-24 USAV Junior Player- $25. Your total for the membership should be $45.00.

JVA Membership

Please complete and sign the Release of Liability and Medical Release forms and submit to your athlete’s coach prior to competition in the first JVA tournament (Rock n Rumble).