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Best soccer facility around, and construction of the other 2 buildings isn’t even done yet (although the building for baseball/softball training is almost done)…can’t wait for that, as I’m sure it will be awesome once totally completed. The indoor field is top notch and the outdoor fields are well cared for. My sons love playing here and are spoiled by how great all of the fields are- when we go to other locations to play, they often complain about how bad the fields are in comparison.

The staff is very friendly and accommodating and the grounds are always clean. Many times, especially during tournaments, I am surprised at how clean they keep the restrooms and lobby with such high traffic. My son has trained with James and Sam (soccer LSA training) and both of them are great and push my son to meet his full potential. I feel that he has grown as a player after taking their classes. My son also looks up to them as role models and they are always friendly and take time to talk to him in passing, which does not go unnoticed. Nate is the athletic trainer and has checked out my son for injury on 2 seperate occassions- one required wrapping a sprained wrist and another time for a sprained ankle. Nate was thorough when addressing the injury and taped him much better than I would have and I really appreciated that and felt like he had better support while playing because of it. Droo and Mike are also always friendly, as are the ladies at the front desk.

We enjoy that they offer drop-in play, especially over school breaks. We also like when they bring in food trucks for tournaments, as it makes it easier to eat between games and the menu choices are usually healthy and delicious.

So glad to have such a wonderful facility so close to home!


I have considered myself to be reasonably fit as I mountain bike regularly in the spring summer and fall at Island Lake or Brighton Recreation which are both near The Legacy Center. I also participate in drop in lacrosse at The Legacy Center during the winter. As I approach my 55th birthday I realized that time, a bit of complacency and an over active fork made my weight and fitness level good but not where it needed to be.

I began participating in the Stay Strong morning classes, mostly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but also an occasional Tuesday or Thursday for speed and agility, which for me began as slow and clumsy. I had no idea how poor my balance had become over time and how muscle tone and flexibility were a concept foreign to my body. I really had no idea how wide a gap there was between the athletes in my mind with the athlete in the mirror.

Mike and Sam are great. They are encouraging, observant and provide technical feedback with each workout to be sure I am performing exercises correctly. I was able to identify a weight and waist goal that I had not seen since I was 30-something. I have been surprised at the increase in strength, flexibility and balance. While I have not yet reached my goal, it is in sight. More important I am on a path to a healthier me. I always said I wanted to be fit by 40, and then I said fit by 50 and thanks to Mike and Sam it looks like fit by 55 will be more than a false statement.

If you are like me and remember the good old days of strength and flexibility and want some of that back again check out the Stay Strong classes at The Legacy Center.

Gregg G

Our daughter (age 10) suffered a long-term hip and groin injury last year at a gymnastics camp. The injury kept her out of travel soccer and basketball and pretty much all physical activity for a full year and was very frustrating for her. Early on, Nate Santoni with ATI Physical Therapy, approached us at soccer practice (after seeing Mia sitting on the sidelines repeatedly) to see if there was anything they could do to help. He referred us to ATI Physical Therapy in Pinckney where we went through extensive physical therapy. We were really pleased with the quality of care and the personal attention we received at ATI Physical Therapy and it was so close to home. In addition, ATI was able to provide competitive pricing for PT visits that matched the co-pay we would have paid using a U-M facility (so it did not cost us any more to go there even though it was outside of the U-M network). Now that’s amazing!

After completing PT, we started a “Return to Sport Program” with Nate through ATI at the Legacy Center. It was just what she needed to make sure that her hip and leg strength on both sides were equal before she progressed to other exercises. The program also focused on building her core strength and on landing properly when jumping to decrease her chances of a re-injury. Nate also worked with her to incorporate real soccer drills into the program in a progressive fashion. He always took time to explain what he was doing and why. Nate also developed a customized set of home exercises for my daughter to do in between sessions. It was so nice to have the “Return to Sport” program as a true bridge to help us get back to soccer after a long-term injury. PT was great but trying to return to soccer straight from there felt like going from zero to sixty and seemed risky. I felt full confidence with Nate to administer a carefully planned regiment of activities always based on Mia’s progressive abilities returning. My daughter is finally back on the soccer fields and to being a kid again. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants a bridge to safely return to their sport after an injury.

-Lisa Y-L

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