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Legacy Center R/C Flyers Club

Legacy Center is happy to offer various Drop In Flying time for local groups and individuals. Enjoy our temperature controlled dome during the winter months to stay on top of your game!Drop In Flying through March: Thursdays 12:00p-2:00p ($5/Session)

Flyer Rules and Regulations

The Legacy Center has partnered with the Hamburg Flyers RC Club to offer a great opportunity to enhance your flying skills. Open flying times will be offered throughout the year for only $5 per flyers. All flyers must comply with the following rules. 

  1. All pilots must fill out and sign a Hamburg Flyers R/C Club registration form prior to flying (once per season).
  2. All pilots must be current members of the AMA and have proof available (card or number).
  3. Pilots will be (non-voting) associate members of the Hamburg Flyers R/C Club.
  4. No Flying before or after scheduled sessions. Please arrive no earlier than 30 minutes prior to start time. Please pack up and have all items brought off the field at conclusion time. 
  5. Aircraft weight is limited to less than 1.5 lbs. ready to fly. Helicopters/Multi Rotor Aircrafts are limited to 120 class and smaller.
  6. Radio equipment must meet the following requirements:
    1. All AMA legal frequencies (27MHz, 50/53MHz, 72MHz, 900MHz, and 2.4GHz) are permitted.
    2. All transmitters must be FCC certified
    3. All transmitters, except 2.4GHz, must use frequency control (72MHz control provided). No transmitter impound is provided. Please be courteous on sharing time with frequency pin. 
  7. Fly ONLY in area designated for the type of aircraft and flying being performed.
    1. Helicopters use South end of the field.
    2. Fixed wing 3D flight flyers use North end of the field.
    3. Micro flyers (e.g. vapors) fly along the east side
    4. General sport flying must use the middle portion of the field.
  8. Flight Rules
    1. Fly only in designated flight stations.
    2. All flying must be 15 feet in front of the established blue line.
    3. General sport flying must use a counterclockwise pattern.
    4. Announce “on the field” when retrieving you plane. Other pilots must avoid anyone on the field.
    5. Fly in a courteous manner, use a spotter or seek assistance if needed.
    6. No combat flying or use of streamers, except in designated event.
    7. Flying may be interrupted for announcements and demonstrations.
    8. AMA safety code, Hamburg Flyers Field Rules, Hamburg Flyers Constitution and Bylaws must be followed at all times. 
  9. Do not use chairs or equipment with sharp ends in contact with the floor that may damage the turf.
  10. When working on aircraft or equipment, you must provide a suitable work surface (e.g. plastic sheet, cardboard, etc…) to prevent any damage to the turf, bleachers, or floor. 
  11. All batteries must be charged in a suitable fire retardant container.
  12. Please clean your area and take any trash with you or deposit in the appropriate containers when you leave.
  13. These rules are subject to change. The Hamburg Flyers R/C Club reserves the right to refuse flight privileges to anyone that violates rules as written or in spirit.
  14. Merchants wishing to sell products during session must receive permission from the Legacy Center.