Legacy Rugby Academy Launches New College Program


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Legacy Rugby Academy Launches New College Program

Legacy Rugby College Academy exists to help student-athletes achieve their higher education goals in either a traditional college setting or a trade program


BRIGHTON, MI – Legacy Rugby Academy is excited to offer a new program for anyone wishing to attend college and pursue their rugby dreams. The Legacy Rugby College Academy program will focus on helping student-athletes continue their education at Washtenaw Community College while training in a professional environment at the Legacy Center Sports Complex. Academically, the program will have two pathways for student-athletes to study during a 2-year program. The first pathway will be for student-athletes that want to follow the traditional education path to a 4-year degree. These individuals will study in WCC’s 2-year transfer program. The second pathway is a 2-year associate degree program in their trade and career school. These individuals will leave this program as an immediate employable professional. Washtenaw Community College offers a wide variety of majors and careers for any perspective student. Athletically, student athletes will participate in the ‘Whole Athlete Development Pathway’. This pathway will provide the student-athlete with support academically, personally, and athletically through a vast support network both in the community and on the Legacy Center Sports Complex campus.


The idea of the Legacy Rugby College Academy came from Director of Rugby Brandon Sparks. “We wanted to provide rugby players and their families with another option for them to enrich their future self by using rugby to empower and motivate them. Whether the student-athlete wants to be a doctor, a graphic designer, or a pro rugby player this academy will give them the tools to complete those goals and be successful long after their rugby career ends.”


The Legacy Rugby College Academy will launch in August of 2019 and is currently recruiting potential student-athletes. If you are interested in joining the Legacy Rugby College Academy, please go to our website LegacyRugbyAcademy.com and fill out the information sheet or sign up for one of our virtual player and parent meetings. Questions can be direct to Director of Rugby, Brandon Sparks.