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Spring 2019 Recreational Soccer Game Schedules

Click below for the recreational soccer game schedules. Use the drop-down box in the center of the screen to select the appropriate age group.

2019 Legends Recreational Soccer Games Schedule

Click below for the travel soccer game schedules. Select the appropriate Gender/Age Group/Division of your child’s team.

2019 Legends Recreational Travel Soccer Games Schedule

Legacy Center Recreational League Information

The Legacy Center is proud to offer a wide variety of youth and adult recreational programming options to its patrons. We’re dedicated to providing the best platforms for athletes of all ages.

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Youth Rec Leagues/Programs

Youth Soccer – Current Offerings
Youth Volleyball – Current Offerings
Youth Baseball – Current Offerings
Youth Softball – Current Offerings
Youth Flag Football – Current Offerings
Youth Basketball – Current Offerings

Adult Rec Leagues/Programs

Adult Soccer – Current Offerings
Adult Volleyball – Current Offerings
Adult Softball – Current Offerings
Adult Flag Football – Current Offerings