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Upcoming Tournaments & Events presented by Powerade

Welcome to Legacy Center Tournaments and Events! We are your go to provider for tournaments, specials events, team building, and more! We personalize every event to give it a special Legacy Experience touch for your enjoyment.

Department Handle Platform
Legacy Center @Legacy_CenterMI Twitter | Instagram | Facebook
Fitness Center @LegacyMI_FIT Twitter | Instagram
Legacy Rec @LegacyMI_Rec Twitter | Instagram | Facebook
Legacy Tournaments & Events @LegacyMITourney Twitter | Instagram
Legacy Soccer @LegacyMI_SOC Twitter | Instagram
Legacy Lacrosse @LegacyMI_LAX Twitter | Instagram
Legacy Baseball @LegacyMI_BAS Twitter | Instagram
Legacy Football @LegacyMI_FBALL Twitter Instagram
Legacy Snow Sports @LegacyMI_SBX Twitter | Instagram