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About the Legacy Center

The Legacy Center is the Mid West’s destination sports complex that offers world-class facilities and professional grade training. We create better Athletes, Players, and People by providing platforms that enhance and supplement every individual that walks through our doors. These programs support our community by drawing athletes from Canada, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois and Michigan’s surrounding communities. The Legacy Center is proud to partner with local businesses and organizations to promote and cross-promote throughout the Legacy Center.

Legacy Center Core Values

Our mission is to provide athletes of all levels the opportunity and experience of world class products, services and facilities that enhance every aspect of the athlete’s training experience while enabling them to fulfill their goals and objectives and becoming the athlete they choose to become.
In the pursuit of helping you achieve your personal best, we utilize a holistic approach for sports, fitness, health and wellness.

Working with the LEAD Foundation

The Legacy Center is working with L.E.A.D. Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded by Michigan Rehabilitation Specialists in 2009, to serve the surrounding communities by:

  • Providing volunteer resources for other non profit organizations
  • Assisting other non-profit organizations in the community to help them achieve their respective goals
  • Fund raising for families in crisis
  • Providing leadership training for high school students through mentorship programs
  • Providing health and wellness educational seminars for the general public
  • Providing humanitarian support for local, regional, national, and international communities

L.E.A.D. Foundation is primarily ran by volunteers- utilizing community members to help serve their community… We are here to help! And we need your help! Will you join us?